14 November 2015


On November 6th, we're invited by communication'15 friends to attend their event. As last years, the new crews of communication students always present an event named Communication Gathering (COMMGATH) to bring senior and junior together in the same place. So, we came to Aula Nurcholis Madjid, which has designed by them like an outer space.

Performance by Wisnu Renggo

The theme of COMMGATH 2015 is Comet (Communication Meet) In Galaxy. So, there are so much things about space and galaxy patterns. Seems dark, but really intersenting. We can enjoy the COMMGATH 2015 with some fun agenda like sharing session with the alumni until the music performance.

Performance by Danar Respati and M. Natsir

Stand up comedy by M. Insan Kamil

The DJ!
After the music performance and games, a DJ came to the stage and played the music. So, everybody dance yeaaah!

Communication friends

A good relationship starts with good communication. Communication is the life line of any relationship. Without it, relationship will starve itself to death.

Thanks for the great night!
We just need one more night!


semua tentang prestasi mengatakan...

Ada foto eugnya haha

semua tentang prestasi mengatakan...

Ada foto eugnya haha