25 Mei 2015

We're The Next Generation

Aloha! First of all, I'm so sorry for abandoning this page quite long. But, now I'm back to give updates about KOMIK activities and I hope you'll always stay here! Previously, I'll introduce new members of KOMIK. There are 26 people who officially joined and ready for the work programs during a year ahead. After going through the selections, so, these are the members of KOMIK in the period 2014-2015! *drum rolls*


- Chairman -
Riky Okianto

- Vice Chairman -
Melinda Fitriah

- Secretary -
1. Christina Natalia Hutauruk
2. Dwi Kurnia

- Finance -
1. Ulfah Dwityaningsih Junaidi Putri
2. Afifah Andriyani Putri

- Public Relations Division -
1. Satria Pringgondaniel
2. Annisa Nur Adzikriani
3. Aninda Tania Harahap
4. Tsamara Amany Alatas
5. Laili Muttamimah
6. Fitri Febriani

- Programming Division -
1. Reyhan Aliy
2. Galuh Ajeng Kirana
3. Annisa Ayu Kusuma
4. Rachmat Vigar Wardhana
5. Sena Aji Mahendra

- Research and Development Division -
1. Tasya Fatikhah Geubrina
2. Silvia Sanjaya
3. Mohamad Jaki Rinjani
4. Eliza Vania Emilya
5. Mochammad Insan Kamil

- Cadre Division -
1. Marcheline Rozana
2. Bulan Fitri Amalia Noer Setiawan
3. Maher Arkam Suprapto
4. Annisa Dyah Nurwidyanti

And... here we are! The troops with youthful and dangerous spirit. Just waiting, Paramadina. We will be rocking you! Cherioo! :))