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News! for Registration

Hear a great news from us we extend the deadline of our registration deadline Phototelling - 29 November 2014 Print ad competition - 29 November 2014 also registration for everyone who are interest in placing your store at our Bazaar Bazaar - 27 November 2014 Thank You!

Form Pendaftaran Peserta Commweek 2014

Everyone who wanted to join our blazzing competiton, can register here. Oh and if you have something in mind, just call the contact person below we will gladly answer all the questions Happy register. FUTSAL COMPETITION (Seruni Putri Yudhitia - 082213136446) PRINT-AD COMPETITION (Ulfah Dwitiyaningsih Junaidi - 081282226232) PHOTO-TELLING COMPETITION (Silvia Sanjaya - 081293555895) EAT ME! COMPETITION (Hanifah - 081213636130) BAZAAR (Melinda Fitriah - 081262101452)