Major VS Indie

Music is what feelings sound like. Without music, life feels strange and lonely. Music is a friend in our lives, that we couldn't separate them. People can communicate through music. We can telling, revealing, even affecting through the songs. So, that's why KOMIK held a seminar titled "Major VS Indie", which is intended for you, the Musicmania! The seminar held on April 17th 2015 at Aula Nurcholis Madjid.

In the seminar, KOMIK collaborated with Seven Music Indonesia. We discussed issues concerning the music industry, which is influential in Indonesia today. We invited two speakers, Arie Legowo, an A&R Manager of Warner Music Indonesia, and Wawan AEC, CEO of Seven Music Indonesia.

The seminar was opened by Pamungkas, student of Visual Communication Design, who sang his songs with the title I Love You But I'm Letting Go. His great voice attracted participants to join the seminar. Yeahhh! What a nice song, Pam! 

And then, the discussion began with material about "What is Major?" and "What is Indie?" by Arie Legowo. 

Afterwards, the discussion turned to the History of Music, which was described by Wawan AEC.

While enjoyed the snacks, participants were accompanied by Rafi, student of Communication Studies, who sang one of the songs from Gugun and the Blues Shelter. Then, Rafi invited his friend, Archi, to join him. And they sang a song titled Rahasia from Payung Teduh.

Not only that, participants are still entertained by Amar, student of Philosophy and Religion, who sang three songs; Yang Terlupakan from Iwan Fals, Misteri Ilahi, and Cinta Semu from Tofu.

The seminar continued with sharing session. Arie and Wawan invited the guest stars to join discussions about music.

And... seminar closed with a performance by Vigar Wardhana, Chief of the "Seminar Music and Event". Horayyy! What a blast day! Please don't stop the music!


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