3 Days 2 Nights Memorable. RA-KER!

After the election of new KOMIK members, we held a meeting to discuss our work programs during the period. The meeting was held on 6 to 8 March at Villa Bukit Cipendawa, Cipanas, Bogor. We departed from the campus, with a small bus and a lot of equipment.

Fortunately, the road isn't too jammed. Ah... thank God. So pleased. And... the tightness in the bus paid off with cool air that blew on the sidelines of the afternoon sunlight. We enjoyed the ride along the highway and the sky looks very beautiful like a painting at that time. Wow!

We arrived when the sky turned dark. We transport the goods and took a rest. The air is pretty cold, plus the presence of small drizzle. Suddenly, a meatball vendor arrived in front of our villa. He made us tempted and attacked him directly. Hey, who doesn't like meatballs in cold moment?

After cleaning up, we gathered in the hall to start the activities. Previously, we introduced ourselves and told the advantages and disadvantages of each other. Then, it followed by discussion of the work programs. Ssttt... sleepy faces everywhere! Lol.

Next morning, the meeting continued from a discussion of AD-ART with Icha as presidium session and then presentation of program from each group were proposed. By the way, snacks made the members more spirit! Yeay! Don't be sleepy again.

The meeting, which lasted three days and two nights, carve a story about KOMIK. We feel close like a family. When the discussion of the work program is completed, we spent time together. Swam, did all crazy stunts, sang, and played a role in last night! Well, it's one of the challenges from Events Division. Then, we cooked meals together, slept while jostling, lined up for the bathroom, and other silly things. We really enjoyed the meeting. This is just a first step, there are still many ravines we will pass together. Hopefully, KOMIK could run the work programs properly. 


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